Taking a technology first approach, we at Parnami Logistics have curated a revolutionary intelligence-based logistics solution called NAAVIQ. An IOT powered SaaS platform for logistics and supply chain management, designed to take transport operations to all new levels of innovation and convenience by offering complete operational visibility and control, as well as assurance of procedural and legal compliance.

Accelerating Logistics

Backed by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Naaviq is designed to help transporters of all sorts do away with the nuances and deal with the pain points that come with the nature of transport networks and regulations in the nation.

From essential tracking of fleet and goods, adherence to cargo regulations such as E-Way Bills, to optimization of fleets and dynamic allocation of drivers, Naaviq uses in-built intelligence to help a transporter make most of their fleet and avert avoidable risks and losses.

  • TRACKING & ALERTS – Track your fleet and get real-time status updates on their movement.
  • DATA DRIVEN OPTIMISATION – Insights that show you the real picture of your fleet‘s performance and guides you for increasing efficiency.
  • E-WAY BILLS MANAGEMENT – Apply, manage and modify E-Way Bills for your fleet round the clock.
  • DIGITAL E-PROOF OF DELIVERY – Make your operations paperless. Capture and upload the recipient’s signature for digitally on robust devices.
  • DIGITAL DRIVER AND FLEET DOCUMENTS – Access driver and fleet documents anywhere thanks to cloud technology.
  • SMART ENCRYPTED LOCKS – Secure your cargo with an encrypted smart lock and give access to authorised personnel only.
  • DRIVER AND VEHICLE BEHAVIOUR – Monitor the behaviour of drivers and vehicles to identify drivers that need training.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM INTEGRATION – Integrate information from multiple platforms and ERPs to ensure your team is on the same page at all times.
  • NAAVIQ APP AND DASHBOARD – Dedicated apps and web-based dashboards that act as complete command centres for your fleet operations.
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT – Enable your drivers to alert the team and request for dispatch of a backup vehicle in case of breakdowns or accidents.
  • DYNAMIC DRIVER ALLOCATION – Let Artificial Intelligence guide you to select the right driver for a specific load-type.
  • STATE OF THE ART GEAR AND GADGETS – Enable your drivers to alert the team and request for dispatch of a backup vehicle in case of breakdowns or accidents.

Transportation Services

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