About Us

We at Parnami Group, in association with the Adarsh Marketing Group, serve India’s biggest manufacturers from industries such as FMCG, fuels, consumer durables, perishables, raw materials etc. We have pioneered the best practices of the industry and have designed operations on the principles of safety, productivity and innovation. As the torchbearers of excellence in logistics operations, our DNA makes us one of the largest 3PL experts in North India and we aspire to extend our legacy to visionary manufacturers.

Message from the CEO

"A business is worthwhile only if it adds value to mankind.

That aspect of value could be derived from savings, well-being, knowledge, experience and much more. Parnami is driven by the approach to add value to the business of varied manufacturers, keeping their scope of business at the core of the strategies curated for them. Such hand in hand relations with some of the biggest manufacturers of the nation has brought Parnami Logistics to a high pedestal in the trade and we aspire to keep ourselves at the top with expertise and technology like none other.

We at Parnami have a culture of treating every stakeholder whether internal or external as a part of the family and thus our partnerships and contracts are more than just mere business."

Mr.Mrinal Bhagat

CEO, Parnami Logistics

Our Pillars

Meet our Advisory team

Parnami Logistics is the brainchild of Mr.Ashok Parnami who set out with a vision to support the nation’s FMCG manufacturers with channel distribution for every mile. His visionary leadership and bestowed clientele trust have requited him with coveted awards for benchmark performance in Parnami’s business-support services to manufacturers hailing from varied industries.

Mr.Ashok Parnami

Co-Founder, Adarsh Marketing Group

With 15 years of unparalleled experience in freight forwarding, Mr.Praveen Kumar Bhagat joined Parnami Logistics in 1999 with an aim to set industry benchmark practices and thus serve a larger base of manufacturers. His endeavour has taken Parnami Logistics to new heights and has made him a well-known figure in the Cargo & Freight industry today.

Mr.Praveen Bhagat

Co-Founder, Parnami Logistics

Udai Parnami has led the company to grow and steer through present-day challenges of large-scale operations. His expertise in modern operations management has put in place some significant standard operating procedures that are now followed throughout the industry, giving a new meaning to operational excellence. Exceptional people management skills acquired by him over the years has reinforced the value of every individual in the company helping it to grow its roots across the nation.

Mr.Udai Parnami

CEO, Adarsh Marketing Group

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